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Information about The Liturgy Planner Magazine
The Liturgy Planner Magazine
The liturgical planning guide for every Sunday and Holy Day of the year. Each planning page contains over 70 hymn suggestions, both traditional and Contemporary and cross-referenced to most Catholic hymnals and hymn collection.

Other features include: preface suggestions, liturgical prayers and General Intercessions; Children's Liturgy Planner, R.C.I.A. reflections, and music scores from leading liturgical publishers.

Many publishers provide a companion periodical which makes reference to each publisher's songs. THE LITURGY PLANNER is unique because it provides a range of songs from many publishers...With THE LITURGY PLANNER you get good ideas from an independent source, above all, you get a wide variety of appropriate hymns and Psalms, Sunday after Sunday. Parish Liturgy

Need help planning the liturgy. U.S. Parish recommends THE LITURGY PLANNER published by Parish Resources. Here's a magazine that takes you by the hand with weekly liturgies planned to the last detail. It's ideal for the music minister too. U.S. Parish

The issues are easy to follow and contain more resources than one would expect for the subscription price. Modern Liturgy

Of special interest to liturgy committees and anyone entrusted with weekly planning is THE LITURGY PLANNER. AIM Liturgy Resources Magazine

Published twice yearly   1 year, $45.00 per subscription; 2 years, $80; 3 years $105

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