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November 11, 2001, 32nd Sunday OT
Rehearsal Time_______________Presider____________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________________
Gathering Song _________________________________________________________
Introductory Rite_________________________________________________________
Kyrie _________________________________________________________________
Glory to God ____________________________________________________________
First Reading ___________________________________________________________
Responsorial Psalm______________________________________________________
Second Reading _________________________________________________________
Gospel Acclamation ______________________________________________________
Gospel ________________________________________________________________
General Intercessions _____________________________________________________
Preparation of the Gifts ___________________________________________________
Holy __________________________________________________________________
Memorial Acclamation ____________________________________________________
Great Amen ____________________________________________________________
Lamb of God ___________________________________________________________
Communion Song ________________________________________________________
Song of Praise __________________________________________________________
Dismissal ______________________________________________________________
Closing Song ___________________________________________________________

2 Mac. 7: 1-2, 9-14 "The king of the world will receive us into eternal life at the resurrection." Seven brothers and their mother are tortured and killed for their beliefs.
Ps. 17 "I shall be filled, when I awake, with the light of your glory."
2 Thess. 2: 16:- 3: 5 "May the Lord strengthen you in everything good that you do or say."
Rev. 1: 5, 6 "Jesus Christ is the firstborn of the dead; glory and kingship be his for ever and ever. Amen."
GOSPEL: Lk. 20: 27-38
"He is not of the dead but of the living."
Some Sadducees pose a hypothetical problem about a dead woman who in life had married several brothers. The question arose; whose wife is she? Jesus replies that we will live like angels at that time.
FOCUS: Through the power of the resurrection, we have new life, both now and forever.
REFLECTION: "The almighty and most holy Word of the Father pervades the whole of reality, everywhere unfolding his power and shining on all things visible and invisible. He sustains it all and binds it together in himself. He leaves nothing devoid of his power but gives life and keeps it in being throughout all of creation and in each individual." Theophane the Recluse
"My beloved ones are encompassed by my love, and are absorbed by it; a love without images and without spoken words. They are back gathered into me, the good from which they flowed."
Bl. Henry Suso
"At last the period of vexatious searching passes; the fortunate seeker receives what he has sought. He finds the heart and establishes himself in it with his mind before God, and stands before Him unswerving like a faithful subject before the King, receiving from Him the power and strength to rule over all his inner and outer life, according to God's good pleasure. This is the moment when the kingdom of God enters within and begins to manifest itself in its natural strength.." Theophane the Recluse
APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: God tells us in the readings today, that we cannot compare life in this world with life in the here-after. We should not concern ourselves with what God has in store for us, and think more about doing His will, that is, bringing His peace to earth. The more we love Him and each other, the more life in this world is like the heavenly here-after. These are things God tells us in our hearts. Intellectual-ising them is a waste of time.
Sprinkling rite or
Penitential rite: Third form with fifth set of sample invocations
Sample General Intercessions-
Introduction: My brothers and sisters, let us pray to God, to bring the seeds of the gospel to bloom on earth.
· For all those who gather in the Holy Spirit of God, that he will help them to be faithful to their baptismal call,
· For peace among nations, that God may rid the world of violence, and let us serve him in peace,
· For the aged who suffer from loneliness and infirmity, that we will sustain them by our lives,
· For all of us gathered here, that God will teach us to use our eternal gifts to enhance our world.
Preface: Sixth preface in Ordinary time
The Lord's Prayer: See fourth sample invitation
Prayers over the people: First or sixteenth
Solemn Blessing in Ordinary time: Fourth or fifth.
Faith Formation
Christians sometimes think of heaven, the resurrection, and the kingdom as after-life experiences. Reflect on the passage that our God is a God of the living. How do we experience heaven on earth, resurrection from despair, and God's love for us, now? By listening to Him. By being aware of Him. He's right here. Be still and listen.
· How have you experienced the Living God in your life?
Children's Liturgy of the Word
· Is God far away in heaven or within us? Where is God?
God is all around us, in us, and always with us. God fills all space and time. God is in us, and we are in Him. We can hear Him if we listen with love. When we look with love we can see Him. He loves us and comforts us, he tells us to be kind to everyone, because He loves everyone.
Christ Be Beside Me 541 CBW II, 231 PMB, 454 WOV, WW
Come, Christians, Join To Sing BB/MI
Come, Taste and See (Becker) BB/MI, GP2, HM
Come, Ye Blessed (Scott) HL-7464
Gather Us In (Haugen) BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP
Gather Your People (Hurd) BB/MI, GP2, HM, JS
Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CBW III, CVH, JS, PMB, WCH, WOV, WP
God Is My Great Desire 581 WP
Here I Am, Lord (Ward) 194 PMB, WCH
How Firm a Foundation 214 ACH, BB/MI, 452 CVH, 404 JS, 585 WP
I Know That My Redeemer Lives! ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, PMB, WCH, WP
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Soper) BB/MI, GP2, HM, JS,
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, RS, WP
O Bless the Lord (Michaels) BB/MI, CBW III, JS
O Lord, I Will Sing BB/MI, 9233 OCP
Sing a New Song (Schutte) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Sing to the Mountains (Dufford) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Table of Plenty BB/MI, 744 JS
The Church's One Foundation ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, WCH, WP
The Great Sunday Entrance (Hansen) BB/ MI, JS
The King Shall Come BB, 129 GPCOMP, 12 PMB, 373 WP
The Kingdom of God GC, RS, WP
The Lord, the Lord, the Lord Is My Shepherd 613 WP
We Gather Together ACH, BB, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, LMGM, PMB, RS, WCH, WP
Your Word Is a Lamp (Englert) 209 PMB
142 SMM, vol. 5 (Greening)
56 PFC, vol. 5 (Verdi)
963 WP (Hughes)
Answer When I Call (Foley) GP, GPCOMP, JS
Be Thou My Vision (Cooney) G-3973
Beautiful Savior BB/MI, JS, WCH, WW
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Walker) BB/MI, GTR, JS
Center of My Life (Inwood) BB/MI, GC, GTR, JS
Christ Be Our Light (Farrell) BB/MI, GP2, JS
Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GTR, GPCOMP, RS, WCH
Gift of Love BB/MI, GTR, JS
On Our Journey to the Kingdom (Colgan) BB/MI, 457 JS
Here I Am, Lord (Schutte) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WW
I Am the Resurrection and the True Life (Schutz) 312-40165
I Believe in the Sun (Landry) 22 GP, 101 GPCOMP
I Could Not Live without You (Schoenfeld) G-4160
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Hughes) BB/MI, GC, JS, RS, WP
In the Day of the Lord (Ridge) 9889 OCP
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go (Englert) 158 PMB, WCH
O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Ps. 90) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
Only In God (Foley) 701 CBW II, 128 GP, 182 GPCOMP
Prayer of Saint Francis (Temple) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Gelineau) 408 CBW II, 98 WOV
We Walk By Faith (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP, WW
Against the Grain (Pena) G-3363
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Walker) BB/MI, GTR, JS
Bread and Wine (Young) G-4066
Dwelling Place (Foley) 710 CBW II, 12 GP 63 GPCOMP
Eat This Bread (Berthier) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GTR, GPCOMP, RS, WP, WW
How Firm a Foundation (arr. Lovelace) G-2749
How Firm a Foundation (arr. Goemanne) G-2650
How Great Thou Art (Hine) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
How Shall I Sing to God? (Haas) G-3453
I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, WCH, WP
I Have Loved You (Joncas) GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
In the Breaking of the Bread (Hurd) BB/MI, 340 GTR
Jesus, Bread of Life (Marchionda) WCH, WW
Keep in Mind (Deiss) BB/MI, 69 PMB, WCH
May We Praise You (Foley) BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GP, GTR, JS
Only This I Want (Schutte) CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP
Our Blessing Cup (Hurd) BB/MI, GP2, HM, JS
Soul of My Savior BB, 385 CVH
The Cry of the Poor (Foley) BB/MI, GC GP, GPCOMP, GTR
The Lord Is My Hope BB/MI, 648 JS
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Wise) 274 GTR
This Body (Willcock) BB/MI, OCP
This Is My Body 580 CBW II, WCH
I Know That My Redeemer Lives from Concertato on Duke Street GC, JS, WS
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be On Us 8814 OCP
O Lord, Hear Our Prayer (Berthier) 240 GTR, TAIZE II
On Eagle's Wings (Joncas) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WC, WW
The Lord Is My True Shepherd (Lindusky) 190 PMB
Celebration Song (Handel) G-4454
City of My Heart (Huijbers) 9342 OCP
Glorious in Majesty 287 GTR, 619 WP
God Has a Plan for All (Sensmeier) G-4499
Happy Those Who Hear the Word of God (Norbet) BB, 261 GP, WCH
I Will Not Die (Conry) BB/MI, 281 GTR
Lift Up Your Hearts (O'Connor) BB/MI,
Lord of Glory (Manion) BB/MI, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS
Praise the Risen Lord (Brown) 117 PMB, 203 RJ
Psalm 23 (Conry) BB/MI, GP2, JS
The God of Abraham Praise 537 WP
The Kingdom of God (Deiss) 211 GP
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Ps. 23) 191 PMB
The Lord Is My True Shepherd (Westendorf) 189 PMB, WCH
The Lord Is My True Shepherd BB/MI
The Twenty-third Psalm (Nordoff) 312- 40789
Though the Mountains May Fall (Schutte) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, WC, WW
Sent Forth by God's Blessing BB/MI, 149 PMB, WCH
King of Every Nation BB/MI, 356 JS
Trust in the Lord (O'Connor) 151 GP, 248 GPCOMP
We Will Rise Again (Haas) BB/MI, GTR, JS
Without Seeing You 108 PMB
Yes, I Shall Arise (Deiss) 166 PMB, WCH
Your Words are Spirit and Life (Farrell) BB/MI