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August 19, 2001, 20th Sunday OT  
Rehearsal Time_______________Presider____________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________________
Gathering Song _________________________________________________________
Introductory Rite_________________________________________________________
Kyrie _________________________________________________________________
Glory to God ____________________________________________________________
First Reading ___________________________________________________________
Responsorial Psalm______________________________________________________
Second Reading _________________________________________________________
Gospel Acclamation ______________________________________________________
Gospel ________________________________________________________________
General Intercessions _____________________________________________________
Preparation of the Gifts ___________________________________________________
Holy __________________________________________________________________
Memorial Acclamation ____________________________________________________
Great Amen ____________________________________________________________
Lamb of God ___________________________________________________________
Communion Song ________________________________________________________
Song of Praise __________________________________________________________
Dismissal ______________________________________________________________
Closing Song ___________________________________________________________

FIRST READING: Jer. 38: 4-6, 8-10 You bore me to be a man of strife for the whole world. The king is persuaded to allow his leading men to throw Jeremiah into the well of Malchiah. Ebed-melech spoke to the king against these three who did this and Jeremiah was rescued.
Ps. 40 "Lord, come to my aid."
SECOND READING: Heb. 12: 1-4 Let us bear patiently the
struggle placed upon us.
Jn. 10: 27 "My sheep listen to my voice," says the Lord: "I know them, and they follow."
GOSPEL: Lk. 12: 49-53
I have come not to give peace but discord.
Speaking to his disciples Jesus says that he has come to bring fire to the earth and division. Father will be divided against son, and mother against daughter.
FOCUS: "I have come not to give peace, but discord." The presence of God in our lives is an active force rather than a passive one, demanding action on our part. The peace we desire will come through righteousness and justice, not through indifference to others.
REFLECTION: "Have we not the brightest examples of the conversions of the human passions for our Christ in the direction of love? Did a Magdalen, a Paul, a Constantine, an Augustine become mountains of ice after their conversion? Quite the contrary. We should never have had these prodigies of conversion and marvelous holiness if they had not changed the flames of human passion into volcanoes of immense love of God." St. Francis Cabrini
"It is good to withdraw from distractions under the protection of four walls, but it is better to withdraw into solitude within oneself. The first without the second is nothing, whereas the last is of the utmost value even without the first.
It is an excellent thing to go to church, but if you can accustom yourself to pray at home as if in church, such prayer at home is equally valuable.
Just as a man sees another face to face, try to stand before the Lord, so that your soul is face to face with Him. This is something so natural that there should have been no need to mention it specially, for by its very nature the soul should strive always towards God. And the Lord is always near. There is no need to arrange an introduction between them for they are old acquaintances. Ý Theophan the Recluse
APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: Introduce the liturgy by stating that the gospel is the living Word which enlightens our minds towards purposefulness and action. God challenges us to live and support just existence. Introduce the Lord's Prayer and or sign of peace by speaking of our need as a community to work towards justice. Introduce the breaking of the bread by conveying that the Eucharist shatters our sense of false peace that leads to complacency.
General Intercessions-
Introduction: My sisters and brothers, God is present to us in the fire that burns our lives clean. Let us offer our prayers to God, who transforms our lives through Jesus Christ.
· For the Church of God: that we will joyfully proclaim and live our faith in Christ the eternal gift from God.
· For peace and well-being of the whole world, that God's gift to us in this life will lead us to salvation in the life to come.
· For those who suffer from hunger, sickness, or loneliness: that the gift of Christ's presence bring them health and peace,
· For our community and our families, who welcome Christ into their lives: that they learn to receive him in the poor and suffering people of this world,
Preface: 6 for Sundays in Ordinary Time
Prayers over the People: 6
Faith Formation
The gospel relates that Jesus came not to give peace but discord. There is zeal in his speaking of bringing fire to the earth.
Sometimes we fail to make difficult decisions. Sometimes we choose to be aloof to what is needed of us.
· What is the difference between outer and inner peace?
· In what ways do you need to challenge the outer peace of your daily life?
· What are the signs of inner peace?
· How does a community achieve inner peace?
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Talk about how people and societies have kept an outer peace while tolerating injustice. Jesus' most precious gift was peace but a peace based on fairness and equality.
· What did Jesus mean when he said he has come to put people against each other?
· What did Jesus mean by saying hecame not to bring peace but conflict?
Discuss what happens when we don't work out conflicts between us. We often act as if nothing is wrong and we can be peaceful on the outside while being angry inside.
To have inner peace is hard work but that's what Jesus gives to us, the strength to do what seems impossible.
All That is Hidden (Farrell) BB/MI, HM, JS
City of God (Schutte) BB/MI, GP, GPCOMP, GC, HM, GTR, JS, WCS, WW
From the Depths BB, CBW III, RS, PMB
Gather Us In (Haugen) BB/MI, CVH, GPCOMP, GC, GTR, WCH, WP
God, Whose Purpose Is to Kindle 640 WP
I Heard the Voice of Jesus BB/MI, CVH, JS, RS, WP
In Christ There Is No East or West BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, RS, PMB, WCH, WOV, WP
Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls 649 WP
Lift High the Cross BB/MI, CBW III
Lord, As the Day Begins (Dean) BB/MI, JS
Praise the God of All Creation (Walker) BB/MI
Praise We Our God With Joy 574 CVH
Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him 306 BB/MI, 656 CBW II, 573 CVH, 662 PMB
Praise the Lord, Oceans and Rivers GC,GTR
Sing, O Sing (Schutte) BB/MI, GP2, JS
Sing to the Mountains (Dufford) 580 BB/ MI, 664 CBW II, 48 GP, 227 GPCOMP, 234 GTR
Sing to the World (Sands) BB/MI, HM
The Church's One Foundation BB/ MI, CBW III, 489 CVH, GC, GPCOMP, 150 PMB, RS, WCH, 618 WP
We Are Not Our Own (Lovelace) G-4561
What Is This Place (Oosterhuis) BB/MI, GC, GP2, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WP
When I Behold the Wondrous Cross 53 PMB, CBW III, 263 CVH, WCH, 258 WOV, 433 WP
Yahweh (Norbet) BB/MI, CBW III, 275 GP, 236 PMB, 383 WCH
120 SMM vol. 4 (Greening)
40 GGP (Gelineau)
924 WP (Proulx)
All That is Hidden (Farrell) BB/MI, GP2, JS
Be with Me, Lord (Haugen) GPCOMP, GC, GTR, RS, WCH
Canticle of Zachary GC, GTR
Give Me Jesus (arr. Hansen) BB/MI, GP2, JS
God and Man at Table Are Sat Down (Stamps) GP, JS
God Is Our Refuge OCP 8130
How Can I Keep from Singing BB/ MI, GP, GPCOMP, GC, GTR
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place 451 CVH, 200 PMB
Hold Me in Life (Huijbers, Oosterhuis) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, 241 GTR
I Will Lift Up My Eyes (Conry) BB/ MI, GC, GTR, HM, JS
Justice Shall Flourish (Marchionda) WCH
Keep in Mind (Deiss) BB/MI, 69 PMB, WCH
Kindness (Ps. 130) 212 PMB
Lord, from the Depths I Cry to You (Ps. 130) 213 PMB
Now We Remain (Haas) GC, GTR, WCH
On Eagle's Wings (Joncas) BB/MI, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, GC, HM, JS, WCS
Only In God (Talbot) BB/MI, JS
Only This I Want (Schutte) 224 GP, 183 GPCOMP
Shelter Me, O God (Hurd) BB/MI, GC, GTR
Sing to the Lord (Owens) G-4717
Take Up Your Cross BB, CBW III, CVH, 44 PMB, 496 WOV, 634 WP
The Cry of the Poor (Foley) BB/MI, GP, GPCOMP, GC, GTR, HM, JS
With the Lord (Joncas) BB/MI, GP2, JS
Amazing Grace BB/MI, CBW III, 447 CVH, 3 GP, 14 GPCOMP, 116 WCH, 56 WOV, 583 WP, 7509 WS
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Walker) BB/MI, GC, GTR, HM, JS
Blest Are They (Haas) BB/MI, GPCOMP, GTR
Bread and Wine (Young) G-4066
Canticle of Zachary 316 GTR, BB/MI
Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen) BB/MI, GTR, GPCOMP, WCH
Gift of Finest Wheat (Kreutz) BB/MI, CBW III, 389 CVH, GPCOMP, 665 PMB, WCH, 736 WP
Holy Name Communion Song (Sands) BB/MI, GP2, JS
I Was Hungry (Marchionda) WCH, WW
In the Breaking of the Bread (Ward) WCH
In the Breaking of the Bread (Hurd) 450 BB/MI, 340 GTR
Life-Giving Bread (Manalo) G-3911
One Bread, One Body (Foley) BB/MI, 127 GP, 180 GPCOMP, 346 GTR, 504 SM, 504 WCS, 504 WW
Take, Lord, Receive (Foley) GP, GPCOMP, JS
The Will of Your Love (Toolan) BB/MI, GP2, JS
This Bread that We Share BB/MI, HM
We Have Been Told (Haas) BB/MI, GPCOMP, GTR, WCH
What Wondrous Love BB/MI, 530 CVH, GPCOMP, GTR, GC, 157 PMB, WCH, 600 WP
You Are Near (Schutte) BB/MI, CBW III, GP, GPCOMP, HM, WCS, WW
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (Joncas) BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR
How Shall I Sing to God? (Haas) G-3453
I Am the Bread of Life (Englert) BB/MI/ JS, PMB, WCH
O Christe Domine Jesu (Berthier) 278 GTR, TAIZE II
Only In God (Foley) CBW III, GP, GPCOMP, JS
To Do What Pleases You OCP 9050
A Mighty Fortress BB/MI, CBW II, GPCOMP, GC, HM, JS, PMB, WCH, WP
Christ Is Alive CBW III, 269 CVH, 183 GTR, 79 PMB, 466 WP
Go In Joy (Hruby) 11-2086
God's Blessing Sends Us Forth 605 CVH, 153 PMB, WCH
God, Whose Purpose Is to Kindle 640 WP
In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust (Handel) G-4203
Lord, You Give The Great Commission BB/MI, GC, RS, WP
Path of Life (Dameans) GP, 188 GPCOMP
Praise God (Dufford/Foley) CBW III, JS
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Dwell BB/MI, CBW III, WCH, 573 WP
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven BB/MI, CBW III, 123 PMB, WCH, 68 WOV, 530 WP
Praise We Christ's Immortal Body 674 PMB, 300 WCH
Praise We the Lord This Day 696 WP
O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Ps. 90) BB/MI, CBW III, 457 CVH, 174 GPCOMP, 128 PMB, WCH, 46 WOV, 569 WP
Of the Kindness of the Lord (Proulx) G-3274
Seek the Lord (O'Connor) BB/MI, 46 GP, 213 GPCOMP
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (Sands) BB/MI, GC, GTR, JS
Sing Out, Earth and Skies (Haugen) 198 GC, GTR, WCH
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy 388 BB/MI, 535 CVH, 596 WP
Though the Mountains May Fall (Schutte) BB/MI, CBW III, GP, GPCOMP, GC, GTR, JS, WCS, WW
What God Has Now Begun (Conry) BB, JS