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November 25, 2001, 34th Sunday OT
Rehearsal Time_______________Presider____________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________________
Gathering Song _________________________________________________________
Introductory Rite_________________________________________________________
Kyrie _________________________________________________________________
Glory to God ____________________________________________________________
First Reading ___________________________________________________________
Responsorial Psalm______________________________________________________
Second Reading _________________________________________________________
Gospel Acclamation ______________________________________________________
Gospel ________________________________________________________________
General Intercessions _____________________________________________________
Preparation of the Gifts ___________________________________________________
Holy __________________________________________________________________
Memorial Acclamation ____________________________________________________
Great Amen ____________________________________________________________
Lamb of God ___________________________________________________________
Communion Song ________________________________________________________
Song of Praise __________________________________________________________
Dismissal ______________________________________________________________
Closing Song ___________________________________________________________

FIRST READING: 2 Sam. 5: 1-3 "They anointed David king of Israel."
Ps. 122 "I rejoiced when I heard them say: 'Let us go to God's House."
Col. 1: 12-20 He has taken us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.
Mk. 11: 10 "Blessed is he who inherits the kingdom of David our father; blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."
GOSPEL: Lk. 23: 35-43
Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.
Jesus is jeered at on the cross. One of the others being crucified asks Jesus to remember him when he comes into his kingdom.
FOCUS: "Above him there was an inscription, 'This is the king of the Jews'." In Jesus we have a king with a cross for a throne, a king who died that we may live.
REFLECTION: "Ye shall therefore have the blessing which I shall give at the last judgement, inasmuch as ye did not repulse Me when I came into Mine own place, as did my persecutors, but of your compassion did receive Me into the lodging of your hearts, as a desolate pilgrim; when I hung naked upon the Cross, hungry, thirsty, and sick, and pierced by nails, ye did suffer with Me in my death and desired in all things to be My companions." Bl. Angela of Foligno
"The essential mood of the penitent is this: 'In the way Thou knowest, O Lord, save me. For my part I will labour without hypocrisy, without deviation and misinterpretation, but according to a pure conscience, doing everything that I understand and that lies in my power.' Whoever can truly feel this in his heart, is accepted by the Lord, who then comes to rule as king within him.
God is his teacher, God it is who prays in him, God it is who wills and acts in him, God it is who bears fruit in him. God is his ruler. Such a state is the seed and the heart of the heavenly tree of life within him." Theophane the Recluse
APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: If the sprinkling rite is used, an introductory statement could focus on our sharing in Christ's passion and death through the waters of baptism.
General Intercessions
Introduction: Let us pray with humility, simplicity and confidence to God who raises our prayers like he raised his Son.
· For the holy Church of God: that her members always see the resurrection in the many crucifixtions of the world;
· For all peoples of the world: that the Lord unite them in peace and harmony,
· For all our sisters and brothers in need: that the Lord raise them,
· That our community may have the faith and strength to bear witness to Christ's presence.
By sharing in his death we share in his kingship as well. Use a fraction rite "Lamb of God", drawing various titles for Jesus from today's readings, such as "Jesus, king of kings; Jesus, whose throne is a cross,' etc. Introduce the breaking of the bread by stating that the Eucharist is the communal meal in which we share the kingship of Jesus.
The Lord's Prayer: See fourth sample invitation
Prayers over the people: Twentieth
Solemn Blessing in Ordinary time: Third
Faith Formation
If the metaphor of kingship lacks meaning to you, try substituting 'the Divine' or 'the Holiest' for King, and 'divinity' for kingdom:
Jesus who died in time is king (the Holiest) of eternity. Metaphors are used to increase understanding. Once the understanding has been achieved the metaphor is no longer needed. Metaphors are chosen for their utility, and may be discarded or replaced when their utility is over.
There is no clear distinction in liturgy and scripture texts between the end and the beginning of the Church year. Today's responsorial psalm is the same as next week's. The theme of the Second Coming continues as we prepare for Advent.
· Why do we emphasize the end times at this time of year?
The Advent-Christmas season is full of liturgical references that are paradoxical. Almighty God-born a powerless infant. The infinite one becomes finite so that our mortal souls may receive immortal value.
Discuss the idea that in the Eucharist we share in the kingdom of Jesus through a special agreement between us and God. The Eucharist is a meeting point between God and us.
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Explain what is metaphor is.
What does it mean to carry a cross?
Point out metaphors in stories and songs that the children are familiar with.
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name ACH, BB/MI, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WP
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV
Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord (Fishel) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, PMB, WCH, WP
Bring Forth the Kingdom (Haugen) GC, GTR, RS
Christ Is the King 546 CBW II, 540 CVH, 500 WP
Crown Him with Many Crowns BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
He Is the Lord (Haas) BB/MI
Let the King of Glory Come (Joncas) BB, 135 GPCOMP
Lift High the Cross BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WP, WW
Mighty Lord (Foley) 120 GP, 162 GPCOMP
Now the Day of the Lord is at Hand 687 WP
Rejoice, the Lord Is King BB/MI, 646 CBW II, 515 CVH, 493 WP
The Church's One Foundation ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, WCH, WP
The King of Glory (Jabusch) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WP, WW
The King Shall Come BB, 129 GPCOMP, 12 PMB, 373 WP
To Jesus Christ, Our Sov'reign King BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
Yours Is the Kingdom (Miffleton) WCH
146 SMM vol. 4 (Moore)
4 PFC vol. 3 (Englert)
41 PFAS (Hughes)
64 PSALMS (Kreutz)
45 PFCY (Isele)
I Rejoiced (Walker) BB/MI
I Rejoiced (Foley) 106 GP , 106 GPCOMP
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Joncas) GC, GTR
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Willcock) PFFAS
All the Earth (Deiss) BB/MI, 208 PMB, WCH, 100 WOV
Behold the Lamb of God (Dufford) BB/MI, GP2
Blessed Are the Poor (Marchionda) WCH, 7854 WS
Born of the Father 523 CVH, WCH
Bring Forth the Kingdom 280 GTR
Christ Be Beside Me 541 CBW II, 231 PMB, 454 WOV, WW
Christ Is Here (Walker) BB/MI, 365 JS, 9790 OCP
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine BB/MI, 337 CVH, 101 PMB, WCH
He Is King of Kings 498 WP
Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty BB, 126 PMB, 485 WP
Jesus, the Lord (O'Connor) CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, JS, RS
King of Every Nation BB/MI
King of Glory (Tamblyn) 7121 STM
Lasting Treasure (Miffleton) 7992 WS, WW
Laudate Dominum (Berthier) 216 GTR, 519 WP
Only a Shadow (Landry) 38 GP, 181 GPCOMP
Priestly People (Deiss) 151 PMB, WCH
The King of Love My Shepherd Is (Kimberling) G-4480
The Lord Is Near (Joncas) BB/MI, GC, GP2, GTR, JS
Turn to Me (Foley) BB, 57 GP, 249 GPCOMP
We Have Been Told (Haas) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH
We Remember (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH
When the King Shall Come Again 355 WP
You Have Anointed Me (Dameans) GC, GPCOMP, RS
All My Days (Schutte) BB/MI, 2 GP, 7 GPCOMP
At the Name of Jesus AF-33-99-163, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, JS, WCH, WP
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Walker) BB/MI, GTR, JS
Blest Are They (Haas) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS
Enter In (Moore) G-3837
Gift of Finest Wheat Kreutz) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CBW III, CVH, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, WCH, WP
How Can I Keep from Singing BB/MI, 21 GP, 96 GPCOMP, 260 GTR
How Great Thou Art (Hine) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
I Was Full of Joy 718 CBW II
In Remembrance of You (Willcock) BB/ MI
Jesus, Remember Me (Berthier) ACH, CBW III, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, TAIZE II, WP
Keep in Mind (Deiss) BB/MI, GC, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
O King of Might and Splendor 383 CVH, 586 PMB
O Living Bread from Heaven 397 CVH, WCH, 31 59LR
One Bread, One Body (Foley) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WCS, WW
Only This I Want (Schutte) CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP
Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd G- 4132
The Isaiah Song (Ward) WCH, WS, WW
When We Eat This Bread (Joncas) BB/MI, 668 PMB, WW
We Come before You, God and King 585 PMB
City of My Heart (Huijbers) 9342 OCP
Glorious King 8748 OCP
He Is King of Kings 498 WP
No Greater Love (Joncas) BB, G-3140, 269 GTR
O Worship the King 571 CVH, 138 PMB, WCH
Salvation, Glory and Power (Deiss) 7808 WS
Festival Canticle (Hillert) BB/MI, WCH, WW
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine BB/MI, 337 CVH, 101 PMB, 190 WCH
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name BB, CBW II, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP, WW
Jesus Shall Reign 508 CVH, 107 PMB, WCH, 492 WP
Lead Me, Lord (Haas) BB/MI
Let Heaven Rejoice (Dufford) BB/MI, CBW III, GP, GPCOMP, YPGP
Lord of Life, King of Glory (Grancini) G-2357
Now Is Christ Risen (Nystedt) 11-1453
O Lord, I Will Sing BB/MI
O Lord, with Wondrous Mystery 384 CVH, 656 PMB, WCH, WW
O Jesus, King Most Wonderful! 534 CVH
Praise to the Lord ACH, BB, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WP
Praise Ye the Lord (Sibelius) WCH
Sing a New Song (Schutte) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Soon and Very Soon BB/MI, GC, GP2, JS, RS
Take Christ to the World (Inwood) BB/MI, GP2, JS
The Day is Near (Huijbers) 136 GTR
The King of Love, My Shepherd Is BB/MI, CVH, GC, JS, RS, WP
To Jesus Christ, Our Sov'reign King BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
Thy Kingdom Come (Cooney) 245 GPCOMP
To God with Gladness Sing 577 CVH, 228 GTR, 2 WP
We Walk By Faith (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP, WW