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October 14, 2001, 28th Sunday OT
Rehearsal Time_______________Presider____________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________________
Gathering Song _________________________________________________________
Introductory Rite_________________________________________________________
Kyrie _________________________________________________________________
Glory to God ____________________________________________________________
First Reading ___________________________________________________________
Responsorial Psalm______________________________________________________
Second Reading _________________________________________________________
Gospel Acclamation ______________________________________________________
Gospel ________________________________________________________________
General Intercessions _____________________________________________________
Preparation of the Gifts ___________________________________________________
Holy __________________________________________________________________
Memorial Acclamation ____________________________________________________
Great Amen ____________________________________________________________
Lamb of God ___________________________________________________________
Communion Song ________________________________________________________
Song of Praise __________________________________________________________
Dismissal ______________________________________________________________
Closing Song ___________________________________________________________

2 Kings 5: 14-17 "Nahaam professes that the Lord is God."
Upon Elisha's instruction, Nahaam immerses himself seven times in the Jordan, healing him of his leprosy.
Ps. 98 "The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations."
2 Tim. 2: 8-13 "If we hold firm, we shall reign with Christ."
1 Thess. 5: 18 "For all things give thanks to God, because this is what he expects of you in Christ Jesus."
GOSPEL: Lk. 17:11-19
"It seems that no one has returned to give thanks to God except this stranger." As Jesus is travelling he encounters ten lepers, who cry out for pity. Jesus tells them to present themselves to the priests. On their way the lepers are healed. Only one returns to thank Jesus.
FOCUS: "It seems that no one has returned to give thanks to God except this stranger."
REFLECTION: "Anyone who has the light to understand what I mean and the grace to follow it will experience indeed, the delight of the Lord's playfulness. For like a father frolicking with his son, he will hug and kiss one who comes to him with a child's heart."
Anonymous, The Cloud of Unknowing
The gift which we have received from Jesus Christ in holy baptism is not destroyed, but is only buried as a treasure in the ground. And both common sense and gratitude demand that we should take good care to unearth this treasure and bring it to light. This can be done in two ways. The gift of baptism is revealed first of all by a painstaking fulfillment of the commandments; the more we carry these out, the more clearly the gift shines upon us in its true splendour and brilliance. Secondly, it comes to light and is revealed through the continual invocation of the Lord Jesus, or by unceasing remembrance of God, which is one and the same thing. The first method is powerful but the second is more so; so much so that even fidelity to the commandments receives its full strength from prayer. For this reason, if we truly desire to bring to flower the seed of grace that is hidden within us, we should hasten to acquire the habit of this exercise of the heart, and always practise this prayer within it, without any image or form, until it warms our mind and inflames our soul with an inexpressible love towards God and men ." St. Gregory of Sinai
APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: Introduce the liturgy: The Samaritan leper returned to give thanks to Jesus. Salvation is for the dispossessed as well as the chosen. Prayers for the displaced, the homeless, the immigrants, the strangers in our midst, would be appropriate.
Penitential rite Third form with eighth set of sample invocations
Opening Prayer: Alternate
General Intercessions-
Introduction: My brothers and sisters, God is the source of eternal nourishment. Let us pray to God, whose gifts are without limits:
· For the Church of God: that we may joyfully proclaim and live our faith in Christ the eternal gift from God;
· For peace and well-being of the whole world, that God's gift to us in this life will lead us to salvation in the life to come;
· For those who suffer from hunger, sickness, or loneliness: that the gift of Christ's presence bring them health and peace;
· For our community and our families, who welcome Christ into their lives: that they learn to receive him in the poor and suffering people of this world.
Preface: First or eighth preface in Ordinary time
Prayers over the people: Eighth or
Solemn Blessing in Ordinary time: Fifth
Faith Formation
The Christian faith, along with other faiths, is a conscious decision to live the way God tells us to live, in peace and harmony with all His Children. It is a continuing movement away from being self-centered to being centered on God.
· In what ways did Nahaam in the
first reading and the Samaritan of
today's gospel give thanks to God?
· What does it feel like to think
about giving up your will to God?
· What are some of your fears about
this process of self-abandonment?
We find that giving up the self is opening up to the Divine, we learn to live the Divine Way, taught to us by God.
Children's Liturgy of the Word
God wants us to be thankful. God wants us to be like the one leper who came back to thank to Jesus. Do you thank people for the things they do for you? Do you thank your parents and teachers for teaching you the things you need to know? Do you thank your friends for encouraging you? Do you thank God for giving you the chance to learn to live in peace with strangers?
All Creatures of Our God ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
All the Ends of the Earth (Dufford) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS
All You Nations (Deiss) 199 PMB, WCH
Bless the Feast (Hewitt) BB/MI
Come and Praise the Lord BB/MI
Come to the House (Cooney) BB/MI, GP2
Gather Us In (Haugen) BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP
Hosanna, Son of God (Marchionda) WCH
I Heard the Voice of Jesus BB/MI, CVH, JS, RS, WP
I Will Sing, I Will Sing (Dyer) 174 CC, 213 GTR
Let Heaven Rejoice (Dufford) BB/MI, 666 CBW II, 33 GP, 133 GPCOMP, 29 YPGP
Lift Up Your Hearts (O'Connor) BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Meadows and Mountains (Schutte) JS, GP2
O Holy City, Seen By John CVH, GTR, WP, G-4482
Sing a New Song to the Lord (Dudley- Smith) 662 CBW II, 218 GTR, 18, TWC, WCH, 550 WP
Sing to the Lord (Dameans) BB/MI, 141 GP, 224 GPCOMP
Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song 134 PMB, 532 WP
The King of Glory (Jabusch) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WP, WW
We Walk By Faith (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP, WW
134 SMM vol. 5 or 34 PFC, vol. 5 (Marchionda)
31 PFAS (Hughes)
10 PSALMS (Kreutz)
Psalm 98 (Pelz) 11-10052
Sing to God a New Song 724 JS
Abba, Father! (Keating) 215 PMB
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Walker) BB/MI, GTR, JS
Canticle of the Turning (Cooney) GC, RS, G-3407
Come, Sing Out Our Joy 9426 OCP
Earth and All Stars 358 TWC, 517 WP
God of the Ages (Johengen) G-4361
Holy Is God (Isele) 633 CBW II
Holy Is God (Joncas) GC, GTR
I Heard the Voice of Jesus (arr. Marty Haugen) G-3043
I Rejoiced (Foley) BB/MI, GP, GPCOMP
I Rejoiced (Gelineau) CBW III
I Rejoiced (Walker) BB/MI
Now We Remain (Haas) BB/MI, GC, GTR, RS, WCH, WW
O Lord, You Know Our Weakness 47 PMB
O Taste and See (Ps. 34) 193 PMB
Only This I Want (Schutte) CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP
Praise God in His Holy Dwelling
(Vermulst) 63 GTR, 218 PMB, WCH
Praise Ye the Lord (Gounod) 332-01593
Psalm 98 Make a Joyful Noise (Beard) 312-41490
Sing a New Song to the Lord (Gelineau) 424 CBW II
Soul of My Savior BB/MI, CVH, JS
Surely It Is God Who Saves Me 584 WP
The Church's One Foundation ACH,
The Kingdom of God (Lovelace) G-3250
We Have No Other Boast (Willcock) OCP
We Walk By Faith (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP, WW
Yahweh (Norbet) BB/MI, CBW II, GP, JS, PMB, WCH
A New Song (Miller) 2066 WS
Adoramus Te Domine (Berthier) 164 GTR, TAIZE II, 548 WP, 815 WP
All Are Wel come (Haugen) G-4166
All My Days (Schutte) BB/MI, 2 GP, 7 GPCOMP
Amazing Grace ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WCH, WOV, WP, WS, (Proulx: G-2326)
Be Not Afraid (Dufford) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WC, WW
How Great Thou Art (Hine) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, WCH, WP
I Will Give Thanks to You, O Lord (Englert) 129 PMB, WCH
Jubilate Deo (Berthier) BB, 223 GTR, 555 WP
Keep in Mind (Deiss) BB/MI, 69 PMB, WCH
Let My Prayer Rise Before You BB/MI, 143 JS
New Songs of Celebrations Render 659 CBW II, 32 TWC, 533 WP
O Bread of Life (Christiansen) 11-0113
On Eagle's Wings (Joncas) ACH, BB/MI,
See Us, Lord, about Your Altar ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, JS, PMB, WCH
Thanks Be to God (Mendelssohn) 392-00653
This Day God Gives Me BB/MI, 426 CVH, WCH, 673 WP
Unless a Grain of Wheat (Farrell) BB/MI, GC , JS, RS
We Remember (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH
Father, We Thank Thee 676 CBW II, 374 CVH, 121 PMB, 558 WP
How Bright These Glorious Spirits (Slater) G-2852
I Rejoiced (Lisicky) 8523 WS
I Will Praise Thee, O Lord (Lalande) 362- 01238
May We Praise You (Foley) BB/MI, GC,GPCOMP, GP, GTR, JS
Song of Thanksgiving (Joncas) BB/MI, 229 GPCOMP
A Blessing (Marchionda) 727 PMB, SM, WCH
A Hymn of Praise (Reagen) 228 PMB, WCH, WW
All the Ends of the Earth (Haas/Haugen) BB/MI, GTR
All the Ends of the Earth (Murray) 203 PMB
Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord (Fishel) ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, PMB, WCH, WP
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV
Blest Be the Lord (Schutte) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, JS, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
Faith of Our Fathers BB/MI, 603 CBW II, 634, 149 PMB, WCH, 571 WP
For All the Saints Who've Shown Your
Love ((Bell)G-4540
Jesus, I Live to Thee (Schalk) 11-2106
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace 612 CVH, WCH, 602 WP
Now Thank We All Our God ACH, BB, CBW III, CVH, GC, JS, RS
Praise God in His Holy Dwelling (Vermulst) BB/MI, 63 GTR, 218 PMB, 294 WCH
Sing a New Song (Schutte) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (Sands) BB/MI, GC, GTR
The King of Kings 628 ACH, BB/MI, 454 JS
The Son of God Proclaim 4 BB/MI, 655 PMB