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August 26, 2001, 21st Sunday OT
Rehearsal Time_______________Presider____________________________________
Additional Notes:_________________________________________________________
Gathering Song _________________________________________________________
Introductory Rite_________________________________________________________
Kyrie _________________________________________________________________
Glory to God ____________________________________________________________
First Reading ___________________________________________________________
Responsorial Psalm______________________________________________________
Second Reading _________________________________________________________
Gospel Acclamation ______________________________________________________
Gospel ________________________________________________________________
General Intercessions _____________________________________________________
Preparation of the Gifts ___________________________________________________
Holy __________________________________________________________________
Memorial Acclamation ____________________________________________________
Great Amen ____________________________________________________________
Lamb of God ___________________________________________________________
Communion Song ________________________________________________________
Song of Praise __________________________________________________________
Dismissal ______________________________________________________________
Closing Song ___________________________________________________________

FIRST READING: Is. 66: 18-21
They will gather all your brothers
and sisters from all the nations.
The Lord says to Isaiah that he will gather the nations and give them a sign.
Ps. 117 "Go out to the whole world, and proclaim the Good News."
Heb. 12: 5-7, 11-13 The Lord disciplines those he loves.
Jn. 14: 6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life, says the Lord; no one comes to the Father, except through me."
GOSPEL: Lk. 13: 22-30
"People from the east and the west will come to take their place in the kingdom of God."
Making his way to Jerusalem, Jesus continued to teach in the towns and villages. His message was to enter the narrow door. Many will try, but few will succeed.
FOCUS: "People from the east and the west will come to take their place in the kingdom of God."
The kingdom is open to all yet the door is narrow, yielding only to those who adhere to the truths of the gospel.
"Enter eagerly into the treasure-house that lies within you, and so you will see the treasure-house of heaven: for the two are the same, and there is but one single entry to them both. The ladder that leads to the Kingdom is hidden within you, and is found in your own soul. Dive into yourself and in your soul you will discover the rungs by which to ascend." St. Isaac the Syrian
"Those things, good Lord, that we pray for, Give us thy grace to labor for." St. Thomas More
"Even though the poor are often rough and unrefined, we must not judge them from external appearances nor from the mental gifts they seem to have received. On the contrary, if you consider the poor in the light of faith, then you will observe that they are taking the place of the Son of God who chose to be poor. Although in his passion he almost lost the appearance of a man and was considered a fool by the Gentiles and a stumbling block to the Jews, he showed them that his mission was to preach to the poor." St. Vincent de Paul
APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: The first reading, the psalm, and the gospel develop the theme of the universality of the promise of salvation. Introduce the liturgy by proclaiming that the kingdom of God has been opened to all through baptism. The door is narrow but the Eucharist strengthens us to enter and renews the covenant that assures us of salvation. Introduce the Lord's Prayer by reflecting that we as a community desire to bring about the kingdom and there is but one way, through God's love.
General Intercessions
Introduction: Let us pray with hu-mility, simplicity, and confidence to God our Father, who is in our midst and lives among us:
· For the holy Church of God, that the
Lord guide and protect it,
· For all peoples of the world, that the Lord unite them in peace and harmony,
· For all our sisters and brothers in need, that the Lord assist them,
· That our community may have the faith and strength to bear witness to Christ's presence,
Preface: 1 or 8 for Sundays in Ordinary Time
Prayers over the People: 9 or 24
Faith Formation
· What passage stands out the most in today's gospel?
Discuss the seemingly opposite precepts of covenant vs. salvation for all. As baptized Christians we enter into a covenant with God which is a promise of salvation. This promise is not exclusive to a certain group. It is exclusive to those who act in certain ways, that is with love and wisdom.
· How do you feel about all peoples being offered salvation?
And if they refuse God's offer, then what? Do you then hate them? No. You pray for them and wish them well.
· How do the liturgy and the sacraments help us in developing the bond between us and God?
Children's Liturgy of the Word
· What does it mean to keep a promise?
· Why is it so important?
· Why is it also important to understand what is promised?
Jesus promised us peace, but it a peace we have to achieve ourselves by living the way he told us to, that is, by loving and being kind to everyone. Jesus requires us to actively seek His Peace, by means of love and mercy. Jesus promises us we will enter into God's kingdom by being like Him, full of love and mercy.
All Creatures of Our God ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GC, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
All the Earth (Deiss) 208 PMB, WCH, 100 WOV
All the Ends of the Earth (Dufford) BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS
At the Name of Jesus AF-33-99-163, BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, JS, WCH, WP
Come, Ye Thankful People GC, RS, WP
From All That Dwell Below the Skies BB/MI, 563 CVH, WCH, 521 WP
Gather Us In (Haugen) BB/MI, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH, WP
Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte) BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS
Glory and Praise to You (Deiss) 192 PMB
I Am the Way (Englert) 102 PMB, 211 WCH
I Am the Vine (Miffleton) 104 PMB, WCH
Let All Creation, His Glory Proclaim (Ps. 104) 204 PMB, WCH
Song of Good News (Jabusch) 561 CBW II, 656 CVH, 16 PMB, WCH
There Is One Lord (Dameans) BB/MI, 242 GP, 242 GPCOMP
Sing Alleluia, Sing (Ault) BB/MI, 236 GP, 58 YPGP
Sing to the Lord (Dameans) BB/MI, 141 GP, 224 GPCOMP
Sing, Children, Sing (Ramseth) 11-2293
What Is This Place (Oosterhuis) BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WP
We Gather Together ACH, BB, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, LMGM, PMB, RS, WCH, WP
122 SMM vol. 5 (Duncan IV)
927 WP (Peloquin)
Laudate Dominum (Berthier) 216 GTR, TAIZE, 519 WP
Go Out and Proclaim the Good News (Ash) GP2
A Multitude Come from the East and the West 688 WP
All That is Hidden (Farrell) BB/MI, HM, JS
Be Not Afraid (Dufford) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CBW III, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WC, WW
Be Not Far From Me (Nelhybel) 392-00603
Blessed Are the Poor (Marchionda) WCH, 7854 WS
Canticle of the Turning (Cooney) GC, RS, G-3407
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life CVH, GC, JS, RS, WP
Come to the Water (Foley) BB/MI, CBW III, GC, GPCOMP, GP, GTR, JS
For Peace (Oomen) BB/MI, JS
Holy Is God (Joncas) 49 GTR
In Christ There Is No East or West BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, RS, PMB, WCH, WOV, WP
Justice Shall Flourish (Marchionda) WCH
Keep in Mind (Deiss) BB/MI, GC, JS, PMB, RS, WCH
Laudate Dominum (Kreutz) 364 BB/MI
Lord of All Hopefulness BB/MI, 524 CVH, 154 GPCOMP, WCH, 568 WP
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go (Englert) 158 PMB, 249 WCH
Prayer of St. Francis (Voorhaar) HP-AG- 7267
Remember Your Love (Dameans) BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, RS
Seek Ye First (Lafferty) BB/MI, CBW II, WCH, WP
Seek First (Berthier) TAIZE II
The Dawn of Day (Deiss) BB/MI, GP, WCH
The Kingdom of God (Deiss) 211 GP
What You Hear in the Dark (Schutte) 155 GP, 264 GPCOMP
All That We Have (Ault) 174 GP, 10 GPCOMP, 257 GTR, 2 YPGP
As We Break the Bread 568 CBW II, 449 WOV
Blest Are They (Haas) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS
Bread That Was Sown (Norbet) BB/ MI, 669 PMB, WCH
Confitenmini Domino (Berthier) 237 GTR, TAIZE II, 561WP
Eat This Bread (Berthier) BB/MI, GC, GTR, GPCOMP, RS, WP, WW
I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, WCH, WP
I Am the Bread of Life (Englert) 671 PMB
One Bread, One Body (Foley) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, RS, WCS, WW
See Us, Lord, about Your Altar BB/ MI, 565 CBW II, 392 CVH, 666 PMB, 315 WP
Unless a Grain of Wheat (Farrell) BB/MI, GC , JS, RS
We Are Many Parts (Haugen) BB/MI, GC, GTR, RS, WCH
We Come to Your Altar (Brubaker) 7957 WS
We Have Been Told (Haas) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH
We, the Body of Christ (Hillebrand) 256 GPCOMP
We Remember (Haugen) ACH, BB/MI, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, RS, WCH
Amen, Praise and Honor (Telemann) HP-MW-1222
Bless the Lord (Mozart) 352-00459
Bring Forth the Kingdom (Haugen) G-3592
I Will Not Die (Conry) BB/MI, GC, GTR, JS, RS
Peace Prayer (Foley) CBW III, 40 GP, 192 GPCOMP, HM
All of You Are One (Willcock) 690 PMB
All People That on Earth Do Dwell BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP
At the Name of Jesus (Walker) BB/MI, GP2, JS
Christ Be Beside Me 541 CBW II, 231 PMB, 454 WOV
Glorify the Lord with Me (Deiss) 226 PMB, WCH
Go In Joy (Hruby) 11-2086
God's Holy Mountain 233 PMB, WCH
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name BB, CBW II, CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WOV, WP, WW
Lift High the Cross BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, WCH, WP, WW
Lord of Nations, God Eternal 230 PMB, 252 WCH
Out of Darkness (Walker) BB/MI, HM, JS
Rejoice in the Lord (Marchionda) 205 PMB, WCS, WW
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (Sands) BB/MI, GC, GTR, HM, JS, RS
The Kingdom of God (Parry) 550 CVH, 615 WP
The Church's One Foundation ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, WCH, WP
Though the Mountains May Fall (Schutte) ACH, BB/MI, CBW II, GC, GP, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, WC, WW
When Jesus Came Preaching CVH, RS, WP
What Does the Lord Require? RS, WP, WOV
Your Word Is a Lamp (Englert) 209 PMB